The deflationary aspect of BLXM

Welcome to our second instalment of the BLXM token utility series of articles. In the last edition, we delved into the narrative of how BLXM tokens work for the typical mobility provider and discussed some of the intricate details of how BLXM operates from under…

BLXM presale oversubscribed with over $3 Million invested

We are thrilled to announce to our heroic bloXmove community and the wider blockchain industry that the bloXmove private sale has wrapped up and that it was a resounding success! We are excited to announce that it was oversubscribed, and we now have over $3 million in seed investment!

BLXM — the utility token for decentralized mobility (#DeMo)


#DeMo — Decentralised Mobility for sustainable mobility

Decentralised technology is set to revolutionise how commerce is conducted. Blockchain (Distributed Ledger Technology) and Decentralised Identifiers (DID) are two suites of cryptographic protocols which open new horizons for the automation of transactions, transfer of value, and financial settlement.
Decentralised platforms free service…

BLXM Token Foundry to jump-start liquidity and community engagement

BLXM Foundation holds majority of BLXM tokens

Two months after launching the BLXM token, the bloXmove team is taking things to the next level by announcing some important milestones on our roadmap:

  • Liquidity Rewarding to start January 2022
  • Token Staking to start within Q1 2022
  • First PoC with…

Joint project to create cross-chain ticketing and access control for Power & Mobility.

bloXmove partners with ONTology for DID-based ticketing and access control

Maintaining data privacy and keeping companies in control of their customer relationships is a major differentiator of decentralised platforms. When compared to centralised hyperaggregators — such as #GAFA: Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon — decentralised platforms provide…

It’s been a thrilling few days as we watch with excitement the resounding welcome the $BLXM IDO got from our incredible community. The bloXmove team is indeed fortunate to have such a family-like community supporting us in reinventing the world’s Power and Mobility markets.

Not being among the fearless, we…

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