bloXmove — how the Daimler Mobility Blockchain Platform became a VC-funded tech venture

The protagonists

Sophia Roediger, founder and CEO
Harry Behrens, founder and CTO of

How Blockchain changed my life

Industrial Blockchain — the art of the possible

Connected, Autonomous, Shared and electric mobility will disrupt the automotive lifecycle

New Mobility in the world of C.A.S.E

bloXmove Mobility Blockchain Platform: decentralised, collaborative MaaS

The Tech Stack — shaped by the best: Daimler!

bloXmove combines business logic, smart contracts and the DID-based “Identity Triangle”

Immutable records need irrefutable facts

To realise this we need irrefutable proof of factual truth: verified credentials and signatures based on DID

Secure verification of credentials meets immutable distributed ledger technology

Verification of identity and credentials for customer
Devices can act as autonomous economic agents on the bloXmove Mobility Blockchain Platform

Platform economics requires neutrality — the case for outcubation

Now starts a new chapter



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