bloXmove launches NFTs and decentralized presales
4 min readOct 19, 2021


Mint your very own bloXmove NFT via Twitter or Telegram and get a chance at a $BLXM SAFT

The silverlynx — your next NFT?

The bloXmove team has been working together with their partners at Idexo on a very special treat for the community! You are now able to mint your very own bloXmove NFT via Telegram or via Twitter. Just follow the steps below to get your hands on one of the exclusive NFTs.

Having heard the voice from the community that not enough small allocatins where released during $BLXM presales, we offer those who have minted a $BLXM NFT and undergone a KYC identity verification, the chance at one of 23 $BLXM SAFT agreements to the terms of Investor Lastcall Presales. This is specifically intended as an offer for “smaller” investors to take part in the presale and give everyone a chance at a bloXmove SAFT. This will be first come, first serve so start minting your NFT now!

Detailed Process of how to mint your NFT


In order to start minting your bloXmove NFT please make sure to have the following items:

  1. Metamask Wallet mobile version

Don’t have a Metamask wallet yet? Please set one up at and download the Metamask app and follow the instructions on how to open an account.

(Web version can also be used but NFT image cannot be seen)

2. Already have a wallet?

Import your wallet according to the instructions in the Metamask app.

3. Add Matic network to the wallet

You got your wallet ready and set-up? Awesome, now it’s time to add the Matic network to your wallet.


Please make sure to add the Matic Mainnet to your wallet in order to be able to import and see the NFT’s. In the networks menu, select “Custom RPC” and fill in the following information according to the fields that are shown in the app:

  1. Network Name: Matic Mainnet
  2. New RPC URL:
  3. Chain ID: 137
  4. Symbol: MATIC
  5. Block Explorer URL:

Get and display NFT

  1. Mint NFT

One step closer! You can get your NFT either through twitter or through telegram.

Option 1: If you want to start the process in twitter please go to:

And reply to the tweet as follows:

/bloxnft [your MATIC wallet address]

Example: /bloxnft 0x123xHahsjsjf00Ef5533123xHahsjsjf00Ef5533

Option 2: If you want to start the process in telegram:

4.a. Join the official bloXmove telegram group:

4.b. Join our announcement channel:

4.c. Direct message @bloxnftbot (make sure that it’s exactly this account in order to prevent scam):

/bloxnft [yourWalletAddress]

Example: /bloxnft 0x123xHahsjsjf00Ef5533123xHahsjsjf00Ef5533

*public address of your wallet in the Matic network you created in step 1

The response in telegram should look like this:

Your bloXmove NFT is on the way, soon you will receive it at your wallet address informed. Stay tuned!

<waiting on NFT to be minted and send to address>

Congratulations, your bloXmove NFT has arrived at your wallet now!

<Link to your NFT is shown here>

2. Opensea registration

Go to and register if you don’t have an account. Here you need to click on your profile avatar in order to see your collections of NFT’s. The newly minted bloXmove NFT shows up under “collected” or “hidden”.

3. Minted the NFT but can’t see it in your wallet?

Open the MetaMask App, sign in, select NFT tab and click on Import NFT

Go back to your opensea account and click on the NFT that you want to add to your wallet. You will get an overview of your NFT. Click on details to see the contract address and ID of the NFT. You will need this information for the next step.

Now click on the contract address link, it will redirect you to Copy the address in the upper left corner where it says Contract.

Now go back to metamask app and click Import NFT, make sure that you have selected the Matic Mainnet. Then proceed to paste the contract address and ID of the NFT into the fields.

Click import and the NFT will show up on your main screen.

Almost done! Only one more step to see your NFT.

4. Registration and ID verification:

Next steps, you need to create an account in order to validate your NFT with our internal claiming process. A registration in bloxmove.idexo and a customer verification in Fractal are required:

4.1 Idexo

- Go to and sign up

- Check your Email inbox and verify your Email (please make sure that the sender address is by clicking on the link.

- Login at (redirection from the Email link)

- Click on “Validate NFT”

- Connect your MetaMask Wallet

4.2 Fractal

Click on “Log in with Fractal” and follow the KYC process

<picture of NFT is shown in the telegram chat after the above text>

After that, you should be able to see your NFT status in bloXmove.idexo web as “validated”

In[yourWalletAddress] you can check the status of the transaction

$BLXM SAFT agreement

After your NFT has been validated you have the chance to get a $BLXM SAFT. To start the process, you’ll need to set your wallet to Smart Chain Network and register on the bloXmove landing page. Follow the steps below starting from your idexo profile page

  • Go to “NFT Upgrade” and click the button “Claim” (the page will open)
  • Connect with your wallet (now on the Smart Chain network)
  • Follow the registration process and choose the SAFT amount you want to buy
  • Confirm with your wallet and check for your confirmation email
  • Proceed with the payment within the next 6 hours and answer the confirmation email with your transaction ID

If you have any problems or questions, please head to our official Telegram Channel:

Follow us on the Net: