bloXmove Tech Roadmap 2022
4 min readJan 21, 2022

Update on the development work on the core bloXmove platform, open-source philosophy, and long-term interchain goal.

As a fully transparent project, the bloXmove team is always mindful of the accountability we owe our investors, partners, and other stakeholders around the world.

In 2021 we launched the $BLXM token and in 2022 we will launch the protocol to market — making $BLXM THE utility token for mobility, electric charging and vehicle-to-grid as well as automotive financing.

To this end, the entire team is proud to unveil the “bloXmove Tech Roadmap 2022”.

Building Forward and Upward

The 2022 BLXM roadmap serves to document our strategy while also committing us to its deliverables and milestones. It thus describes our strategic goals and execution pipeline while at the same time serving as our pledge to the community on what we are committed to delivering.

Our ambition is to be THE decentralized protocol for mobility, fleet, and automotive financing as well as vehicle-to-grid products and services combining charging and power grid services with those of mobility-as-a-service (MaaS).

bloXmove Platform

The roadmap contains four “themes” and 5 “initiatives”. The four themes describe our goals from the perspective of market penetration and commercial validation.

From its dual-chain IDO launch, bloXmove has been consistently following an interchain approach. We believe mobility to be universal, not limited to users of any particular chain, and our ambition is to provide the protocol for decentralised mobility across as many networks as there are markets of mobility.

This is reflected in our execution and roadmap towards:

  1. Ethereum: IDO and DEX on Uniswap,
  2. Binance Smart Chain: IDO and DEX on Pancakeswap,
  3. CELO: our mainnet,
  4. Energy Web (EW-DOS): network for “Power meets mobility” and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) services,
  5. Ontology: Use Ontology’s specialisation in providing blockchain-based digital identities (DID) as an interoperable layer of user identification and verification of credentials.

The four themes are: commercial and mainnet launch, open-source and interchain outlook:

Our 5 main initiatives: core platform, mainnet, bloXpower, ticketing and DeFi.

Mainnet Production

In line with our focus on sustainability and collaboration, we are proud to announce that bloXmove chose CELO as its mainnet for 2022! CELO is a mobile-first blockchain platform with the goal of bridging the fintech gap faced by over 1.7 billion people around the world. It is an EVM-compatible network that will play a key part in bloXmove’s foray into emerging markets of Africa, SE Asia and South America. bloXmove core will test on CELO by Q2 and is expected to be fully operational by the end of the year.


Our partnership with the Energy Web Foundation in merging the power and mobility industries is also making strides in 2022. bloXmove’s first EWF validator node will go live in Q1. A decentralised charging ecosystem based on the Open Charging Network (OCN) and Energy Web Chain (EWC) follows in Q2, culminating in the full launch of bloXpower on the EWC happening in Q4.

DID-based ticketing and access control (ONT)

Another critical aspect of the bloXmove tech leap is the follow-through on our Ontology partnership. The bloXmove community will remember that a few weeks ago we mentioned how Ontology will be working with us in perfecting our DID ticketing and access control products. By Q2, we expect bloXmove ID to be implemented on ONT. Leading to full-fledged decentralized ticketing and access control going fully live on Ontology by Q4.

Token Ecosystem

One of the first things we began with this year was the BLXM liquidity program on TokenFarms. As the central value exchange mechanism of our growing ecosystem, a robust suite of treasury support tools are necessary to permeate BLXM into every bloXmove dealing. In a few weeks, within the current quarter, staking will become available for BLXM holders, opening yet another avenue to reward our most loyal backers. By Q2, Smart-bridging will go live and we are confident that by Q4, BLXM will be 100% backing all transactions in our ecosystem.

Building together

bloXmove’s tech roadmap for 2022 is a carefully crafted way forward that reiterates our project’s ambition to continue the collaborative journey with our partners, sharing code and knowledge in order to build hyper-efficient decentralised infrastructure on open and democratised protocols. The team is excited at the opportunities that lay ahead of us, eager to unlock new possibilities and discover gems that will continue to reward our tight community while changing the world’s Power and Mobility industry for the better.

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