BLXM Tech Roadmap — Quarterly Report Q1/2022

Progress update on the 5 main goals for 2022

bloXmove Core Platform

  • Codebase for TOMP gateway was published in accordance with our commitment to open source. View it here:
  • Partnership with Baseline, Unibright and Concircle to provide bloXmove integration with enterprise ERP systems
  • Gateway development (based on the TOMP-API) to be capable of integrating TIER, German railways and Dutch railways is in full flow. Estimated to be finalised before the end of Q3.

Mainnet: bloXmove on CELO

  • Development work for the move to CELO mainnet is on schedule
  • Front-end integration of the Valora Wallet into a bloXmove white label app is in progress
  • Frontend development centers around the Valora mobile wallet from CELO to facilitate our “mobile first” markets strategy.
  • Our “mobile-first” strategy to be applied in particular for bloXmove.NG (see below).

bloXpower: Power & Mobility on Energy Web

  • Power & Mobility Ltd. joined the Energy Web ecosystem and hosts a validator node on EWC
  • LOI with 50Hertz was signed by bloXmove CTO Harry Behrens and 50Hertz/Elia CDO Michael von Roeder
  • The bloXpower pilot project for decentralised charging — together with 1) Energy Web, 2) 50Hertz, 3) a supplier of renewable energy as well as 4) an independent CPO is nearing completion. To be showcased by May 2022.
  • Our core workflow module, the “company node”, has been released to “shared source”, meaning involved parties have access. Next quarter we move to open source, in line with our open source strategy
  • CPO node, which is an extension of the company node to the requirements of a Charging Point Operator (CPO), is more than halfway done and on schedule to be released within Q2.

BLXM Investor offerings on ETH and BSC

  • Liquidity providing program started on Tokensfarms beginning of this year.
  • BLXM Investor portal, consisting of 1) treasury, 2) liquidity farm as well as 3) staking module is in testing phase and will be released before 1st of May.
  • We will shift our Pancakeswap and Uniswap Liquidity from BLXM:WETH/WBNB to BLXM:USDC with the deployment of the BLXM Investor portal.

NEW: bloXmoveNG

  • As part of the BLXM emerging market strategy, the team has started to set up bloXmove Nigeria. Our website has launched and the local BLXM team is established.
  • Programming sprints for driver and customer apps have started.
  • Nigeria offering will be fully integrated into CELO ecosystem through mobile wallet.

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