BLXM Tokenomics v2

BLXM Tokenomics 2.0

Tightened Tokenomics

Early 2022 has been challenging for the world’s crypto community. As a growing player in this community, bloXmove understands how the downtrend of markets can affect the mood of its backers. After carefully listening to the community, team bloXmove and the BLXM token foundry have decided to postpone its own participation in BLXM token distribution until after our first set of applications is in production and generates transactions.

  • to extend delay payouts to the team, so as to start only after first market launches.
  • Specifically: extended cliff from April 2022 to January 2023 which translates to 7 extra months before the first token is unlocked.
  • Team bloXmove also extends the vesting period by 50% from 24 to 36 months.
  • For the bloXmove foundation, the vesting period is extended by 67% from 60 to 100 months.
  • This means that monthly unvested supply is slashed from more than 700,000 tokens to 270,000 for the remainder of 2022.
  • The BLXM tokenomics sheet brought up to date with these numbers will be published next week. Some simple visualisations will be added for lighter reading.
  • BLXM sales and marketing
  • Platform development and features
  • Emerging markets expansion with crypto-based p2p mobility (bloXmoveNG)

Investor Portal Updates

Ensuring the maximum safety of everyone interacting with our products is non-negotiable for the bloXmove team. We have been building a beautiful investor portal for you and to ensure the safety and security of the smart contracts that power this portal, extensive stress testing has been ongoing. With two complex smart contracts and one Web3 app using more than 1 Oracle contract the mix, the team has decided to delay the launch of the portal by one week.

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